Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2.0 Homogenization

Homogeneity is not the topic a little fresh, especially the PC industry. Resources in the PC industry, more and more concentrated to a few oligarchs, when the homogenization of the more serious.

Dell and Lenovo are to reach the highest level of homogeneity: product homogeneity is the thing of the past, strategic homogeneity in full swing. This includes customers who, in what manner to sell him, in what place and time to sell and so on.

To achieve this step, only a few years time.

It is noteworthy that, despite the communications industry has always been considered a relatively closed business, but whether in technology or market strategy, the IT industry to be more mature than pure. The so-called IT industry, the main driving force is the computer and the Internet. The trick often used by IT companies, telecommunications companies looked at, usually have to laugh.

China Unicom is the trend for standard part. IBM and Intel representatives of the calculation of the deep blue thinking, Tmobile and O2, Orange in front of the red tide, finally showing signs of fatigue. Intel in the ad continuously adding sports, entertainment, thigh, fashion and heartthrob of the elements, while the Chinese PC maker is also very good at follow suit.

2005 Super Girl rage top three, two were from Guangdong's computer business contract, Lenovo signed Angela Chang, Founder signed a Na Yu. After the advent of women's products in the SHE, the computer mouse, followed by rice, but in the product, the Founder and even the "Founder" too lazy to use two characters, and also, this word too fashionable.

PC is calculated from a cold device into an entertainment device. In the face of such great change, firms how to deal with is a very worth watching proposition. That the choice of cosmetics and fashion products as marketing models and marketing strategies, or continue to adhere to the line of technology? Ago, "Technical background" is a word can be laced with gold, and now I am afraid have another word the.

When most people think that this piece of blue ocean to find the time to congratulate you, welcome to the second Red Sea. Because homogenization is always a difficult proposition - always able to find a breakthrough, it is always quickly copied by others, to achieve the business has hit the floor like a slogan "Always imitated, never surpassed," as the state is difficult. In a world of division and specialization of the industry environment, resources, though limited, but always flow to where it is needed. This bottleneck has formed to break the myth of homogeneity.

Economists would somehow dubious, as military experts point towards stealth fighters: Do not do not believe, can not 杩蜂俊. The more the better right questions. For businesses, the experience gained in actual combat is not necessarily better than the economists on the theory of low-level. Any industry has its own laws, industry and the industry were given outside the observation of nature is different, but not at the lower of the points is higher.

Otherwise, if we follow the idea of PC makers will see something like this: One day, L'Oreal or Wuliangye Zhongguancun put on the production of PC. It feels very "homogeneous", but you said, buying is not to buy?


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